Leeds Biobanking and Sample Processing Facility

When clinical trials require samples of patients’ blood and/or urine to be analysed, NIHR Leeds CRF draws on the specialist expertise of the Leeds Biobanking and Sample Processing Facility (LBSPF).

Analysing blood and urine at the start and at specific points during a trial enables researchers to identify, measure and track the effects that a drug is having on the patient, to see if it is working as intended.

The LBSPF is based at St James’ University Hospital, works to Good Clinical Laboratory Practice standards with a dedicated team of laboratory technicians, administrative staff  and a Quality Assurance manager. The team works together to ensure that all samples are handled, processed, stored, and tracked to the highest standards and consistency according to the specific protocols set out by the drug companies sponsoring the trials.

The LBSPF is a crucial resource for our facility, particularly in trials where samples may need to be processed very rapidly or in specialised ways. Having a dedicated team on hand within LBSPF allows the CRF to undertake such clinical trials.

In addition to the dedicated sample processing service for clinical trials, the LBSPF is responsible for many biobanking activities within the University and Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.  These include collections of tissue, and fluid samples such as blood and urine obtained from consented patients then processed and stored in research tissue banks and used as a valuable resource for research.