'Trials of Engagement' exhibition launched

Monday 7th August 2017

A new exhibition featuring the work of local graphic artist Sarah Bates (pictured) has been unveiled at the Clinical Research Facility (CRF), at Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust (LTHT).

Sarah Bates, a Master’s student at Leeds College of Art and passionate graphic designer, has been working with Debbie Beirne, Deputy Director at the CRF, on a project to visualise clinical research through data storytelling. Her installations focused on the different aspects of being a patient in research: research, patient, time and optimism.   

Working with LTHT and the Cancer Research UK Leeds Centre, the final collection entitled ‘Trials of Engagement’, reflects on stories, thoughts and personal experiences collated through investigating medical environments and practitioners’ comments, alongside patients’ feedback. The result is a series of visual responses which will be exhibited on permanent display in the new Research and Innovation Centre at LTHT, where the CRF hub management team is now based.

Commenting on the creation of her artwork, Sarah said; “This journey of self-exploration and collaboration came about through a natural curiosity in the medical world. The aim of this research study was to engage, enlighten and inform people involved in clinical research, and a study such as this has never been undertaken before. This was a unique opportunity and I’m overwhelmed by the response it has gained by the medical professionals at the CRF and the wider community.

“Working with Debbie and her team at Leeds Teaching Hospital has been a privilege and an experience I will never forget.” 

Leading the study on behalf of the CRF, Debbie Beirne added; “This research study was borne out of a desire to work more closely with all those involved in clinical research and in a range of ways and is part of a long standing commitment by the LTHT to raise the profile of our efforts, on both a regional and national scale. Using art as a medium to improve this awareness is a refreshing and exciting approach and offers opportunities to come together and engage more practically with others. 

“Sarah is a talented designer and has brought together a unique relationship between creativity and healthcare. I was delighted to attend her graduation show displaying this work. We’ve had very positive comments about the work on show and we are extremely proud to showcase this in the research setting at Leeds Teaching Hospitals.”

There will be an opening event for the new Research and Innovation Centre in September, where ‘Trials of Engagement’ has been installed.