BioResource Centre Leeds Opens

Wednesday 31st October 2018

On Thursday 25th October the NIHR BioResource Centre Leeds was delighted to recruit its first participants to the NIHR BioResource programme.  Six patients who receive care for systemic sclerosis at Chapel Allerton Hospital took part by providing a blood or saliva sample and brief medical information.   This will be the first of many weekly clinics at which patients with this condition will be approached to take part in the BioResource.

This project aims to discover new information about the genetic basis of rare and common diseases by recruiting 50,000 participants per year nationwide.  Our patients were identified by Professor Maya Buch (Leeds BioResource Centre Director) and Dr Francesco Del Galdo, and consented by Maxine Berry (Leeds BioResource Centre Project Support Manager).  In the coming months the BioResource Centre will be starting to recruit patients presenting with other rare and common diseases, as well as healthy volunteers, building on the work already done by teams at Leeds working on the NIHR IBD Bioresource and NIHR BioResource - Rare Diseases in paediatrics prior to the opening of the central BioResource Centre Leeds.

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