Leeds CRF Research Co-ordinator takes part in Diabetes study

Monday 10th December 2018

Claire Forrest, who is the Research Co-ordinator for the Cardiology Research Team and also secretary of the Cancer Patient & Public Involvement and Engagement Group, has lived with Type 1 Diabetes for over 30 years. Claire recently became involved in research from a patient's perspective by taking part in a Diabetes study.

Claire has had to carry out frequent daily finger prick testing to assess her blood sugar levels since her teens; however, as part of the study, Claire was testing a new monitoring system. The Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring system uses a small unobtrusive device worn on the arm to read blood sugar levels using a smart phone or e-reader. The Diabetes Research team were very supportive and Claire relished being personally involved in this study and having the opportunity to help future generations.

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