Highlight from 2021

Wednesday 5th January 2022

Leeds CRF Cardiac Scientist Maria Paton was awarded an NIHR/HEE Clinical Lectureship at the University of Leeds. This gives Maria 3 more years funding to research new imaging technologies that might be able to predict the risk of developing heart failure before implanting pacemaker. With only 6 awards nationally, this is a fantastic achievement! Maria was also recognised by Dr Phil Wood and Professor Dame Sue Hill for successfully completing the CSO WISE HCS Leadership Programme. As such, Maria is now considered to be an NHS Aspiring Leader in Healthcare Science! The programme set up by Dame Hill and WISE is a fantastic opportunity for female healthcare scientists, like Maria, to build on their knowledge and develop the next generation of female leaders! 

“[Maria’s] ‘Healthcare Science Research Hub’ project and research in how we can improve the prognosis of the patients in our heart failure service is an area I fully support. I would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss how we can continue this work in raising the profile of cardiac science as a profession, especially in your new role in leading the heart failure and device services here at LTHT” - Dr Phil Wood, Chief Medical Officer