Our facilities

Across our four sites, we have dedicated in-patient and out-patient units for patients in clinical trials, located close to specialised laboratories and equipment. We have state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic equipment dedicated for research purposes and access to equipment in clinical use. Interventional and higher risk trials take place at sites where acute and intensive care services are also provided, to ensure immediate medical support is readily available should it be required.

We work closely with the Clinical Trials Team within the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Pharmacy Service, who provide a tailored service to our investigators undertaking clinical trials involving drug treatments, including advanced technology medicinal products (ATMPs) and radiopharmaceuticals. Working with the Pharmacy Service Clinical Trials Team ensures we have a clear, independent, auditable trail of drug receipt, dispensing and returns.

We benefit from the support of specialist facilities based at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, including the Leeds Biobanking and Sample Processing Facility and the Haematological Malignancy Diagnostic Service. We also work closely with the University of Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit, utilising their expertise in research methodologies, statistical support, data analysis and research governance in the delivery of multi-centre clinical trials.


Our facilities across the CRF’s four sites:

 Patient clinics and workspace
  • Day-case unit for treatment and assessment, with 2 bed and 6 recliner chairs.
  • Two units for prolonged out-patient treatment or for overnight stays, when treatment on consecutive days is needed – one with 2 beds and the other with 4.
  • Dedicated research outpatient clinic for early phase cancer studies, with 6 consulting rooms
  • Smaller outpatient clinic with 2 rooms and a waiting area.
  • Dedicated research dental clinic with six dental chairs, reception and waiting room, and confidential interview room
  • Fully networked hot-desking suite, with 5 desk spaces for research staff
  • Two dedicated clinical trials pharmacy dispensaries, with 24 hour access to pharmacy staff
  • Patient hotel (St James’s University Hospital) for relatives of those undergoing treatment, including patients taking part in clinical trials, who are medically fit but live further afield. 



  • Physiology lab, including ultrasound, micro-neurography testing and an exercise area for cardio-pulmonary testing
  • Dedicated echo-cardiology suite
  • Catheter lab, one of a suite of six operating  theatres used for trials involving stenting procedures or other interventions
  • Dedicated laboratory space for sample processing, storage and analysis including 24 hour monitored freezer repositories
  • Genomics laboratory for high throughput screening and sequencing of cancer tumours.
  • Two aseptic suites, including a specialist pharmacy biotherapy suite for preparation of viral, genetically modified and biological agents
  • Radiopharmacy, providing “ready to use” diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals



  • Three dedicated research MRI scanners, including a 3 Tesla MRI, and further access to clinical MRI scanners, with capability for diffusion weighted MRI and specialist cardiac MRI
  • Research dedicated PET/CT scanner at St James’s University Hospital
  • Ultrasound scanners, with capacity for various modalities, including microbubble ultrasound and echo-cardiography
  • Ultrasound and CT scanners for use in interventional radiology, eg accessing tumour for biopsies or for delivering therapies direct to a tumour
  • Research-dedicated 4D ultrasound for use in MSK imaging, with image processing facilities
  • Six high-specification dental chairs, incuding operating microscopes and intra-oral cameras for digital photography
  • Controlled lighting, for colour matching and tooth whitening studies
  • Optical coherence tomography, for imaging of quantitative skin biomarkers
  • Thermography and laser Doppler for vascular imaging
  • Secure storage for investigational medicinal products (IMPs), including -80°C and -20°C freezers, with continuous 24 hour temperature monitoring
  • Laminar flow cabinets and negative pressure isolators for preparation of trial medicines for administration to patients
  • The MRC National Centre for Hyperpolarised MRI is located on our Leeds General Infirmary site.