Congratulations to the latest winners of a DAISY Award

Thursday 25th August 2022

These awards recognise examples of excellence for colleagues in nursing and midwifery.

Lucy Leese is a cardiovascular research nurse at the LGI. She was nominated by a patient, who said:

“I was finding my AF and anxiety extremely difficult to live with on a day-to-day basis. Out of the blue, Lucy rang me to introduce herself and explain about the diet. Lucy was bubbly and friendly and I just burst into tears. I was at a particularly low point and was having trouble reaching my usual arrhythmia nurse and Lucy’s warmth and kindness made me feel so emotional I just let all my feelings out. Lucy didn’t rush me and I could feel her genuine kindness and understanding of my situation. I can honestly say I don’t know if I would still be here if Lucy hadn’t rang me that day.”

Dr Sinisa Savic, Consultant in Clinical Immunology and Allergy and Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Leeds, NIHR Leeds Chapel Allerton CRF Site Lead

Thursday 18th August 2022

The LCRF is delighted to congratulate Dr Sinisa Savic, Consultant in Clinical Immunology and Allergy, Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Leeds and  NIHR Leeds Chapel Allerton CRF Site Lead who has been awarded a prestigious £2.4million Senior Research Fellowship by The Kennedy Trust. The five-year fellowship is awarded to researchers with a proven track record of excellence in the field of rheumatology or related musculoskeletal medicine.

The research fellowship will support a novel programme of research which aims to produce a holistic understanding of what underpins the disease process in patients with resistant disease, alongside specific findings to inform routine clinical practice.

Ultimately this programme will improve the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for patients currently left underserved by innovation in the field. Dr Savic’s project will deploy advanced genetic methods and related techniques, taking advantage of the unique infrastructure at Leeds.

Leeds Clinical Research Facility sends surplus medical supplies to Ukraine as part of a Yorkshire Aid Convoy

Monday 11th July 2022

L-R Jena English (Research Assistant Practitioner) and Emily Bennett (Senior Clinical Support worker) pictured in the Bexley Wing Clinical Research Facility 

A donation of medical supplies was made to the Ukraine through the Leeds Clinical Research Facility (CRF) at St James’ Hospital as part of a Yorkshire Aid Convoy. Jena English, Research Assistant Practitioner and Emily Bennett, Senior Clinical Support worker spent time organising and packing much needed supplies with the support of the whole team at the CRF. 

This is a regular donation of surplus items which are made to various charities. On this occasion the donation of dressings, blood tubes, phlebotomy packs and other medical supplies were sent as part of convoy of vehicles from Leeds to Ukraine. The team at the CRF were amazed to see an email sent from the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine expressing their thanks to the Yorkshire Aid Convoy. Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov said “ …express deepest gratitude to your organisation for providing over 60 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine ……….the medical supplies and medicines contained in your humanitarian shipments are helping civilians and the military to provide first aid “

Congratulations Dr Lowry and Dr Paton!

Friday 17th June 2022

Congratulations to Dr Judith Lowry and Dr Maria Paton who have been able to celebrate their belated PhD graduation day! .

Maria achieved her PhD in 2020 with her thesis “Is Pacemaker-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction Progressive and Reversible in Patients Receiving Long-Term Pacemaker Therapy?”. Maria works within the Leeds Clinical Research Facility as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow as well as a Highly Specialist Cardiac Physiologist in Clinical Physiology leading the Combined Heart Failure and Cardiac Device Service (CHAD).

Judith achieved her PhD in 2021 with the thesis “Exploring the Force-Frequency Relationship in People with Chronic Heart Failure”. Judith also works within the Leeds Clinical Research Facility as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow and is continuing her heart failure research.

Judith and Maria are pictured with colleague Dr John Gierula, who was part of the University Ceremonials and also one of Judith’s PhD Supervisors.

Zhain wins the Charles Chadwick Medal

Monday 6th June 2022

Zhain Mustufvi, Leeds Dental Core Trainee and NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow, has won the prestigious Charles Chadwick Medal from the Leeds Medico-Chirurgical Society at their 150th year anniversary meeting. The prize is awarded to outstanding early careers researchers. Zhain was one of three academic trainees shortlisted from the NIHR Academy for the prize. 

The candidates were required to deliver a 15-minute research presentation, followed by questioning from the panel of professors and medical consultants. Zhain presented his topic titled “Healthy gums, healthy joints?” which focussed on the novel research him and his team are conducting here in Leeds.

A cross-site collaboration between the Leeds Dental Institute, the Leeds NIHR Clinical Research Facility and Leeds Institute for Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine is researching the links between rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and periodontal disease. Specifically, they are interested in whether screening and treating periodontal disease in people who are at-risk of rheumatoid arthritis (by virtue of a positive blood antibody test and musculoskeletal symptoms) can prevent or delay onset of the arthritis. To investigate this, the team has set up an exciting and novel ‘RA-Periodontal Pathway’, where at-risk of RA patients are recruited from the rheumatology clinic and screened for periodontal disease. If found to be positive, they are referred to the Leeds Dental Institute for periodontal treatment, which is delivered by Zhain. This proof of concept work is collecting data on the acceptability of this pathway to patients, as well as banking of blood, plaque, saliva and gingival fluid samples.

Zhain has recently applied for an NIHR Doctoral Fellowship award to progress this proof of concept work further into a randomised controlled trial as part of his PhD.