Take Part in Trials

If you take part in trials at our facility, you will be helping us to carry out exciting, ground-breaking research to develop new treatments that could change or even save lives.

We guarantee a high-quality, safe and welcoming environment for all patients taking part in our trials and we meet all the necessary legal and ethical requirements for carrying out this kind of research.

Not all our trials involve testing drugs. Some are looking at new techniques or medical devices. All of our trials are aimed at finding better ways to prevent, diagnose or treat different diseases.

We recommend you talk to your consultant or GP as a first step. They will be able to find out if there are clinical trials for your particular disease or medical condition, either within our facility or more widely across Leeds Teaching Hospitals.

Every trial has guidelines as to who can take part, which are called eligibility criteria. These ensure that trials include the sort of people who might benefit from taking part and exclude those for whom taking part is not suitable or might put them at risk. The criteria also ensure that the trial is able to gather useful information that will help decide if a new treatment or technique should be taken forward. This is how we obtain reliable research evidence.

Your consultant or GP will look at the eligibility criteria to see if you might be able to take part in one of our trials. Some further tests may then be necessary – such as a blood sample – to ensure you meet all the criteria and could be enrolled into the trial.

Once you are referred to us, we will explain everything about the trial to you in advance to help you make your decision. The decision to take part is completely up to you and you can choose to stop at any time, without any negative impact on your normal medical care.

For more detailed information on taking part in trials within the CRF, take a look at our FAQs. 

If you’d like to speak directly to a member of the CRF team, see our Contact page for more details.  

See here for more information on taking part in trials within Leeds Teaching Hospitals.