Photo Gallery

SJUH CRF conference roomSJUH CRF consult room

SJUH CRF conference room                                 SJUH CRF consult room

SJUH CRF entrance corridorSJUH CRF patient bay

SJUH CRF entrance corridor                                 SJUH CRF patient bay

SJUH CRF reception areaSJUH CRF reception desk

SJUH CRF reception area.                                    SJUH CRF reception desk

SJUH CRF single roomLGI CRF bay exercise

SJUH CRF single room                                             LGI CRF bay & exercise

LGI CRF consult roomLGI CRF echocardiographyLGI CRF consult room                                           LGI CRF echocardiography

LGI CRF exercise physiologyPPIE member tour of the laboratoriesLGI CRF exercise physiology                                   PPIE member tour of the laboratories

LGI Cardio PPIE meeting audiencePPIE co production event

LGI Cardio PPIE meeting audience                             PPIE co production event

Dental SuiteCRF dental waiting room 1

Dental Suite                                                           CRF Dental Waiting Room

childrens crf baychildrens crf consult room

Children's CRF Bay                                             Children's CRF Consult Room

childrens crf single roomICTD 2019 Radiotherapy staff


Childrens CRF Single Room                                ICTD 2019 Radiotherapy staff

ICTD 2019 Neuro staffICTD 2019 Cardio staff

 ICTD 2019 Neuro Staff                                       ICTD 2019 Cardio staff